About Dentistry College


The College of Dentistry/Al-Ayen University was established in 2017 on an area around 10,000m2 in the middle of Al-Nasiriya City. It consists of 10 studying halls equipped with modern visual and acoustic systems and 12 specialized teaching laboratories equipped with the latest devices that help the students obtaining the desired dental skills. The college adopts an annual studying system depending upon the globally adopted units for each subject. It has five stages in which, the student start with studying the essential medicine then comes the preparatory stage to practice dentistry before reaching the stage of studying the specialized dentistry to be able to treat patients via practicing at the Dental teaching hospital of the College, which is a 4 store building on 3,000m2 with 206 dental chairs distributed among 8 specialized clinics including Filling- Root fillings - Crowns and bridges - Surgery - Dental industry - Periodontal disease and surgery - Oral medicine - Pediatrics, Prevention and orthodontics in addition to the Test and Operation room, and x-ray rooms equipped with modern digital x-ray machines. The hospital receives patients from the City's residents, where students of the fourth and fifth stages treat them at all dental branches under the supervision of specialists.

The College includes 6 scientific branches: essential medical sciences, oral diagnoses, surgery, treatment, dental industry and pop branches. The teaching staff of the College consists of elite Iraqis and foreign specialists who possess higher certificates and scientific titles.

The College strived to cope with the dental scientific development, as it held three International Scientific Conferences as part of the University scientific activities. That led to establish annual scientific conferences participated by the College staff through presenting their researches which were published in solid scientific indexes

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ihsan Abdullah Kumail

Dean od College of Dentistry

Al-Ayen University      

Vision , Mission and Objectives

Vision :

Preparing and graduating competent dentists who are able to provide the best medical services. the College also strives to be globally accredited and recognized College based on its developed teaching programs and its commitments to diversity of practical and cultural knowledge


Improving the level of dental services via preparing dentists capable to communicate positively with the community, in order to provide medical services based on the latest dental technique and spread awareness cultural of oral and dental health


•           Preparing competent dentists

•           spreading health awareness cultural and the required prevention methods for Oral and teeth safety 

•           preparing and supporting  fields of scientific research to find suitable solution for oral and teeth issues in the community

•           Updating whoever involved in dentistry about the latest inventions in this field via holding conferences, scientific Seminars, workshops and scientific exhibitions

•           providing medical and technical consultations for the various State sectors.

•           providing extraordinary medical services of low costs in all branches of dentistry at the Teaching Hospital of the College.

Job classification:


Scope of work

Hospitals, Specialized Dental Centers and Clinic Centers in the State Health Sectors

Deans of the College

1-Asst. Prof. Dr. Raad Ali Jasim from 2017 until 2018

2- Asst. Prof. Dr. Ihasan Abdullah Kumail from 2018 untill now

Contact information:

email: Info@dent.alayen.edu.iq

mobile: +9647800060302

Photos from the College and the Teaching Hospital