About Dentistry College

the Dentistry College is one of the colleges of Al-Ayen University. It was established in 2017-2018 when it received its 168 male and female students from different provinces of the country as its first batch. The college now has four undergraduate stages having 1010 students and there are 14 scientific laboratories, some of them are specialized and others are for basic medical sciences.  Recently, a dental teaching hospital was established within the college and started receiving patients with the rate of 160 patients per week. The hospital now has various specialized clinics such us filling, dental industry, surgery and the periodontal clinic. The college is intended to open other specialized clinics such as orthodontic clinic, the pediatric dental clinic and oral medicine clinic for the year 2021-2022.     

Deans of the college

  • Dr. Ra'ad Ali Jasim from 2017 to 2018
  • Assistant prof.Dr. Ihsan Abdullah Kumail from 2018 till now

Contact information :

E mail:: info.dent@alayen.edu.iq 

Mobile No. +9647800060302

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